How to Advertise Blog and Drive a Lot of Visitors Using These Three (and Free) Strategies

If you have already had a blog, chances are that you would like to have as many visitors as possible to visit your blog. But how to advertise a blog? Fortunately there are already a lot of ebooks and materials to teach you how to do that easily.

Actually, start advertising on the Internet is not that hard. All you need to do is to write a few lines, or even less, about your blog. When you start doing that, the magic will happen.

Here are three strategies that you can apply right now to promote your blog, and best of all, it is completely free to use these methods.

By Email Signature

Imagine how many emails you are sending out each day! By adding a short, sweet description about your blog, every time you are sending out a regular email, you are also advertise your blog at the same time. If you have an email subscriber list, it is much more easier to advertise your blog by only a few clicks.

If you have your blog link mentioned in your email signature, all recipients will see both your main message and your signature, and once people click on the link embedded in email, you will get a visitor. It is just as simple as that!

The key to success in using this strategy is that your email signature should be short, sweet and to the point. Do not have your recipients read another “passage” again in your email signature.

By Blog Directory

Another way to advertise blog is by submitting your blog to different blog directories. Blog directories are websites that have thousands or even millions of links to other blog. In these blog directories you will need to submit your blog information to a relevant category in blog directory. Once your blog is reviewed and approved, your blog will be added in their directory.

Not only can people find your blog in blog directory easily, but also your blog will have a link pointed back to your blog known as “Back link”. Having a back link that links to your blog is very important because, main search engine like Google will count the number of back links you have on your blog. High number of back links means that your blog will rank much higher than other similar blog. If you submit your blog to as many blog directories as possible, you will get a lot of back links and at last, your blog will rank very high in search engine.

By Forum

Forum is a place where a lot of people will gather and talk about similar topics. Because many people are there, advertising your blog is much more easier.

But how to advertise your blog in forum? You can do two things.

Forum signature: this is text that will appear every time you make a post on a forum. When people saw your post, they will also see your signature. Not only will this give you a visitor if a person click on your blog link, but also it will count as one back link that pointed back to your site. In other words, you can do two promotions at the same time by just making a single post.
Make a post: You advertise your blog by posting your link directly in the forum post. But the tricky part is that, if you spam the forum by making irrelevant posts that just mention your blog, administrator will ban your account without any notice. So if you want to post your blog link, remember that your post should be meaningful and useful to real people, or your post will be deleted or even prohibit access to their forum.
I really hope that you now know how to advertise blog and have lots of visitors visiting your site using these 3 strategies.

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