How Users Can Do Advertising on Facebook for Free

A lot of businesses, ranging from small entrepreneurial types to big companies alike, know how powerful advertising on social networking sites, particularly Facebook, really is, especially these days. However, little do they know that anybody can do advertising on Facebook for free. While Facebook also offers paid advertising, but if one is just creative and diligent enough, Facebook’s free advertising can be as effective in getting results as well, saving your business a lot of money, while maximizing marketing for today’s people.

Advertising on Facebook for free is not the same thing as your regular “Facebook Profile” or your personal page. Instead, it is a Facebook Page called fan page or business page where viewers or visitors can click the “Like” button to participate and connect in the flow of the members of the page.

Your personal profile page and business page are useful in advertising your product on Facebook. You can post your advertisement in your profile page to advertise your business or product or you can switch among the two different pages you have. This is how advertising on Facebook for free generally works.

Facebook is rapidly becoming a social network trend and one of the best ways to drive traffic to your own website since it was launched in 2004. Your profile is the default Facebook profile page. Facebook profile is for personal use while Facebook page is for your business.

Why should traders have the Facebook Page? This is because Facebook Pages automatically drives the traffic to your main site which is your business. Best of all, advertising on Facebook for free is as effective as word-of-mouth advertising, but in a speed-of-data kind of way, because a simple click on the “Like” button on your page, and you become readily visible in wall of the user that clicked it. Imagine if that user has 200 or more friends, they, too can now view your ad through the original clicker’s wall. Imagine still, if even a small portion of those 200 friends of the original “Liker” will click the like button again upon seeing it, and those users have another 200 or more friends? Really, advertising this way is really done exponentially.

Whatever the original title of your business is, you can use it in your Facebook page. Avoid using generic name; otherwise Facebook may disable your page. Any page you post on your page wall will also picked be up by the search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!.

Using the Facebook page you can:

- Build a community that promotes your business.
- Gain big exposure of the business or company.
- Share what product you offer, your site and display images.
- Track who is visiting your site.
- Make lists of your possible customers.
- Create pages based on your services or niches of your business like your products, web design, etc.
- Give your friends the choices to sign-up in your newsletter, join you in your You Tube or follow you on Twitter and others.

How are you going to manage your business on Facebook?

If you want to keep your business alive on Facebook, “DO NOT SELL”. It will drive your visitors away and lose those people who like your page. Instead, manage your Facebook page through constantly posting new information in the page, giving your audience things to discuss, posting informative and enticing articles in the notes, creating interesting contests and offering giveaways. These things will motivate your audience to engage on what is in your page. That’s how you make money without spending anything while advertising on Facebook for free at the same time.

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